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How to deal with sudden falls in the elderly

Updated: 2019-04-29



Determine the elderly's state of consciousness and then give corresponding treatment according to the symptoms.

For those who have consciousness:

1. Ask them about the fall. If they can remember the fall and there is nothing wrong with them, assist them to stand, sit or lay down, and watch their response.

2. If they do not remember the fall, or suddenly faint and fall, there may have been a cerebrovascular accident. Ask them if they have a headache, can speak or not. Check the movement and feelings of their hands, feet, back, and incontinence of urine and stool. Do not move them but help raise them into a half-sitting position, and call 120 for medical treatment in hospital.

3. If there is trauma or bleeding, check the wound and give brief treatment to stop the bleeding.

For those who are unconscious:

1. Call 120 for medical treatment immediately.

2. Assist them to hold their head to one side and ensure smooth breathing.

3. If convulsions occur, help them to lie down with soft objects under their body so as to prevent bruises and abrasions; let them to bite a towel or soft cloth to prevent the tongue from being bitten if necessary. Do not try to stop the convulsions with brute strength, so as to avoid muscle and bone damage.