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Testing of nearly 9.9 million people completed in Wuhan only 0.303‱ were found asymptomatic

Updated: 2020-06-04



On the afternoon of 2 June, the Hubei provincial command on COVID-19 response held a press conference on the blanket nucleic acid testing in the city of Wuhan. According to Lu Zuxun, Director of the China Preventive Medicine Association of the Society of Social Medicine and professor at the School of Public Health of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, between 0:00, 14 May and 24:00, 1 June, a total of 9,899,828 people took nucleic acid tests. The blanket testing found no confirmed case and 300 asymptomatic infections, a rate of 0.303 out of ten thousand. All the 1,174 close contacts being traced tested negative for the virus. Asymptomatic cases and close contacts have all been put under quarantine for medical observation.

According to Hu Yabo, standing member of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Wuhan, the results of the blanket testing show that Wuhan is now a healthy and safe city, and the people in Wuhan and across the country can rest assured. The results will also bolster confidence in the society, contribute to reasonable movement of people and the full resumption of social order.

Hu noted that the expenses of this blanket testing were covered by the government. With costs lowered through centralized purchasing, the overall expenditure stood at around 900 million yuan. This blanket testing reassured the people of Wuhan and the whole country, and fully attests to the CPC's governing philosophy of putting people first. It will help bring the city's economic and social development back to the right track and is worth all the input made.