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Hospitals required to issue elderly-friendly epidemic policies

Updated: 2020-11-27



BEIJING -- The Chinese health authority has required hospitals to accommodate nonusers of smartphones, especially senior citizens, while implementing high-tech epidemic prevention and control measures.

Wang Haidong, head of the elderly health department of the National Health Commission (NHC), said at a news briefing Thursday that hospitals should continue to offer elderly patients traditional face-to-face services including registration, payment and inquiries concerning test results.

There should also be hospital guides, volunteers and social workers to help the elderly, Wang said.

China's hospitals are encouraging patients to use digital means such as online registration and mobile payment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in medical institutions.

People are generally required to show a QR health code on their smartphones before they are allowed to enter such institutions.

However, for smartphone nonusers, valid identity documents and other paper certificates should also be acceptable, Wang explained.

Wang said the NHC will also work with hospitals to make it easier for the elderly to seek medical advice online.

Moreover, the commission will step up its efforts in helping the elderly to use smart technology.