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China unveils plan for tuberculosis control


The Chinese government has unveiled an action plan to reinforce the prevention and control against tuberculosis (TB) amid global efforts to end the epidemic.

New policy initiatives introduced to promote private medical institutions growth


China has introduced a series of policy initiatives to promote the healthy development of private medical and health institutions, according to a new directive jointly released by 10 central government agencies.

China to promote end-of-life care services


China has begun to pilot an end-of-life care program in Shanghai as well as over 70 other cities and municipal districts to promote such care services.

China to set up more medical alliances in cities, counties


China will set up new medical alliances in 100 cities and 500 counties across the country in 2019.

State Council lays out key tasks for healthcare reform in 2019


The General Office of the State Council released a circular on June 4, outlining key tasks in expanding healthcare reform in 2019.

China urges public to raise awareness of cancer signals


China's health authorities have urged the public to raise awareness of cancer signals their bodies send out in order to have the dangerous disease diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

China's community-level medical institutions highlighted in tuberculosis prevention, control


China's health authorities and experts have stressed primary-level medical institutions' role in the prevention and control of tuberculosis.

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